COVID-19 Government and International Response: May 7, 2021


Global COVID-19 cases have reached 157,343,045 up from 151,825,784 at 3:30 p.m. on May 7, 2021. Canada now reports 1,270,138 cases, up from 1,216,089 cases of COVID-19 on April 30. Ontario reports 486,223 cases, up from 463,364 cases on May 7, 2021. The Province reports 3,166 (0.7%) new cases since yesterday. Of the province’s total cases, 444,342 have been resolved (91.4) and there have been 8,236 deaths (1.7%). The province has now completed 14,416,084 tests and reports 25,957 tests are currently under investigation. More information here.

A province-by-province breakdown of Canada’s COVID-19 case count can be found here.

In Ontario 5,885,485 people have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with 387,484 people being fully vaccinated as of May 7, 2021. In Canada, 12,796,358 people (33.67%) have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 11,777,050 people (30.99%) have received only one dose and 1,019,308 people (2.68%) have received two doses.


Today, the Federal Government announced they are encouraging businesses and organizations to apply for free rapid tests for workplace screening projects. Workplace screening is another layer of protection for workers, the people they serve and their communities from COVID-19. Across the country, these rapid tests have already helped to identify and stop the transmission of over 11,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19. More information here.

On May 5, Health Canada authorized the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in children 12 to 15 years of age. This is the first COVID-19 vaccine authorized in Canada for use in children and marks a significant milestone in Canada’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. More information here.

On May 3, the governments of Canada and Ontario invested more than $7 million to increase production and efficiency in meat processing plants across the province. This initiative will help to address supply chain disruptions through the purchase and installation of equipment, such as coolers and freezers, and their associated costs. The $7 million funding is part of both governments’ investments to assist Ontario’s agri-food sector in meeting challenges related to COVID-19. Due to high demand, an additional $3.2 million was added to the original $4 million allocation to fund eligible applications. More information here.


Today, The Ontario government announced in addition to the $16.3 billion to protect families, businesses and workers during COVID-19, they are providing $23.3 billion to protect the economy through this pandemic and beyond. This includes unprecedented support for families, workers and Ontario’s small businesses. Ontario’s COVID-19 action plan support now totals $51 billion. More information here.

Today, The Ontario government, in partnership with the federal government and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, has launched the COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative for small and medium-sized businesses across the province. The COVID-19 Rapid Screening Initiative will provide free rapid antigen tests for employees of small and medium-sized businesses through participating local chambers of commerce and other organizations. The program will screen for asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in the workplace that might otherwise be missed, helping to keep workers and their families safe and businesses open. More information here.

On May 6, The Ontario government invested in over $432,000 in Baycrest to help people struggling with cognitive impairment as a result of COVID-19. The province is making the investments through the Ontario Together Fund. More information here.

On May 5, the Ontario government expanded its COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan with the launch of mobile vaccine units for small to medium-sized businesses in hot spot communities. These mobile units will begin offering vaccinations in Toronto, York and Peel at select businesses that have employees who cannot work from home and have a history or risk of outbreaks. Each public health unit will determine the small to medium-sized businesses where mobile units will be deployed. More information here.

On May 5, the Ontario government invested over $1.5 million, through the Ontario Together Fund, in Myant Inc. to help commercialize “connected wearables” that can sense, monitor and help detect various symptoms that may signal the onset of diseases, including those associated with COVID-19. The project is expected to create 80 jobs. More information here.

On May 4, the Ontario government announced $2 billion in funding to advance and protect public education for the 2021-22 school year. The support includes more than $1.6 billion in resources to respond to COVID-19 and an $85.5 million commitment to support learning recovery and renewal in response to the ongoing pandemic. More information here.

On May 2, the Ontario government expanded booking eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination appointments across the province. As of Monday, May 3, 2021, at 8:00 a.m., individuals who are 18 and over in 2021 and live in one of the 114 hot spot communities will be eligible to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a mass immunization clinic through the provincial online booking system or directly through public health units that use their own booking system.

More information here.


Today, the City of Toronto was able to add more than 17,000 new appointments spread across five City-operated clinics for the week of May 10 due to confirmed additional vaccine supply. With this added supply, City-operated clinics can administer approximately 98,000 vaccine doses between May 10 and 16. These new appointments for next week are now available in the provincial vaccine booking system at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto Congress Centre, Mitchell Field Arena, The Hangar and Cloverdale Mall clinics. More information here.

Today, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health issued a Section 22 Order, under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. This opens in new window, as an additional measure to reduce community transmission and defines how and when school-aged children can attend school premises or other educational settings. The Order applies to all persons and businesses providing education to school-aged children, regardless of whether or not they qualify as a school within the meaning of the Education Act. The Order will be effective Monday, May 10 at 12:01 a.m. More information here.

On May 4, Toronto Public Health (TPH) investigated a number of COVID-19 cases at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel. The facility is currently being used as a federal quarantine hotel for travellers entering Canada from abroad and is managed by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). TPH has provided instructions to staff members who have tested positive, and those who are considered a close contact. The risk to the public remains low as this is a government authorized hotel that is not open for general public use. More information here.


Country Total cases at 3:30 p.m. Total cases April 29 at 3:30 Increase from previous Active Cases (Increase decrease) Cases per million Total recovered Total deaths
Global 157,343,045 151,825,784 5,517,261 18,582,540 20,186 135,481,995 3,278,510
United States 33,385,838 33,071,660 314,178 6,669,407 100,365 26,122,112 594,319
India 21,886,556 19,157,094 2,729,462 3,731,278 15,729 17,917,013 238,265
Brazil 15,009,023 14,592,886 416,137 1,000,512 70,189 13,591,335 417,176
Russia 4,863,514 4,805,288 58,226 270,532 33,315 4,480,360 112,622
United Kingdom 4,431,043 4,416,623 14,420 61,253 64,983 4,242,192 127,598
Italy 4,092,747 4,022,653 70,094 397,564 67,776 3,572,713 122,470
Spain 3,567,408 3,524,077 43,331 240,606 75,349 3,248,010 78,792
Germany 3,502,537 3,392,232 110,305 288,698 41,692 3,128,800 85,039
Mexico 2,358,831 2,340,934 17,897 260,945 18,134 1,879,713 218,173
Iran 2,627,094 2,499,077 128,017 478,764 29,443 2,074,089 30,944
Peru 1,832,671 1,791,998 40,673 48,783 54,938 1,720,665 63,223
Canada 1,270,138 1,216,089 54,049 80,833 31,989 1,164,788 24,517
Chile 1,235,778 1,198,245 37,533 38,337 64,180 1,170,437 27,004
Saudi Arabia 424,445 417,363 7,082 9,750 12,034 407,650 7,045
China 90,739 90,655 84 308 63 85,795 4,636
Australia 29,893 29,801 92 271 1,161 28,712 910

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