COVID-19 Government and International Response: June 18, 2021


Global COVID-19 cases have reached 178,389,949 up from 175,830,873 at 3:30 p.m. on June 11, 2021. Canada now reports 1,406,745 cases, up from 1,399,044 cases of COVID-19 on June 11. Ontario reports 541,525 cases, up from 538,651 cases on June 18, 2021. The Province reports 345 (0.1%) new cases since yesterday. Of the province’s total cases, 528,421 have been resolved (97.6%) and there have been 8,994 deaths (1.7%). The province has now completed 15,676,015 tests and reports 11,236 tests are currently under investigation. More information here.

A province-by-province breakdown of Canada’s COVID-19 case count can be found here.

In Ontario 12,153,663 people have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with 2,547,241 people being fully vaccinated as of June 11, 2021. In Canada, 31,281,723 people have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 24,957,572 people have received only one dose and 6,324,151 people are fully vaccinated.


Today, the Federal government announced that travel restrictions at the Canada-U.S. border will remain in place for at least another month, until July 21, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says are needed to prevent another wave of COVID-19. More information here.

Today the Federal government announced that by the end of July, Canada will have received “over 68 million” doses of COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in more Canadians being able to receive their second doses earlier than expected. The previous cumulative total for doses the federal government said they expected to see delivered by the end of July was 55 million, which the government said was based on Pfizer-BioNTech’s commitments and all past deliveries, as Moderna had not yet confirmed its future shipments. More information here.

On June 15, the Federal Government announced the launch of the Ask the Experts advertising campaign to encourage vaccine uptake. This campaign features short videos by trusted experts answering some of the most common questions people have about the COVID-19 vaccines. More information here.


Today, the Ontario government announced joint funding to improve two recreation facilities in Ajax. Across the country, Canadians are feeling the impact of COVID-19 on their families, their livelihoods, and their way of life. Together, Canada and Ontario are working to reduce the impact of the pandemic, ensure health and safety, rebuild businesses, and promote job creation, growth and investment. More information here.

On June 17, the Ontario government announced that due to a majority of Ontario adults having received a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and over three million doses of the Moderna vaccine arriving in June, the province is continuing to accelerate its vaccine rollout by expanding eligibility for second doses ahead of schedule. More information here.

On June 15, the Ontario government invested almost $4 million through Support Ontario Youth to help up to 2,100 young people access training and networking opportunities to become future electricians, plumbers, millwrights, automotive service technicians and horticulture technicians. This funding will help deliver 70 one-day boot camps in communities that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic to provide youth with hands-on training, resume writing help and introductions to prospective employers in the industrial, construction, motive power and service sectors. More information here.


Today, the City of Toronto announced that it is working non-stop with its healthcare partners, pharmacies, and Toronto Public Health to administer all available COVID-19 vaccines — including a focus on in-home second doses of vaccines for vulnerable homebound Torontonians in their place of residence. To date, 2,854,856 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in Toronto as part of the overall Team Toronto initiative. As of yesterday evening, approximately 814,040 people have booked COVID-19 vaccination appointments at a City-operated clinic. More information here.

On June 16, the City of Toronto announced that they will continue to help people without an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card get a COVID-19 vaccine in Toronto through agency partners Access Alliance, FCJ Refugee Centre, Adam House, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture, Matthew House, Romero House and Sojourn House. More information here.

On June 14, Mayor John Tory announced that the City of Toronto has partnered with the Toronto Region Board of Trade to provide free COVID-19 rapid screening kits to small- and medium-sized businesses across Toronto. More information here.


Country Total cases June 18 at 3:30 p.m. Total cases June 11 at 3:30 p.m. Increase from previous Active Cases (Increase decrease) Cases per million Total recovered Total deaths
Global 178,389,949 175,830,873 2,559,076 11,606,868 22,886 162,921,248 3,861,835
United States 34,378,949 34,277,565 101,384 5,120,824 103,282 28641,6345 616,491
India 29,821,028 29,357,001 464,027 768,847 21,408 28,667,062 385,119
Brazil 17,704,041 17,215,159 488,882 1,130,386 82,726 16,007,483 496,172
Russia 5,281,309 5,180,454 100,855 302,205 36,175 4,850,659 128,445
United Kingdom 4,610,893 4,550,944 59,949 185,180 67,580 4,297,757 127,956
Italy 4,250,902 4,241,760 9,142 92,072 70,407 4,031,605 127,225
Spain 3,757,442 3,733,600 23,842 132,585 80,335 3,544,205 80,652
Germany 3,728,121 3,720,039 8,082 39,144 44,361 3,598,100 90,877
Iran 3,080,526 3,013,078 67,448 275,168 36,232 2,722,612 82,746
Mexico 2,467,643 2,445,538 22,105 272,551 18,948 1,964,300 230,792
Peru 2,019,716 1,995,257 26,564 N/A 60,449 N/A 189,757
Chile 1,505,001 1,461,419 50,073 42,227 78,086 1,431,515 31,259
Canada 1,406,745 1,399,044 10,388 13,096 36,962 1,367,634 26,015
Saudi Arabia 471,959 462,528 9,431 11,050 13,358 453,259 7,650
China 91,534 91,359 175 501 64 86,397 4,636
Australia 30,309 30,228 81 130 1,176 29,269 910

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