COVID-19 Government and International Response: August 6, 2021


Global COVID-19 cases have reached 201,881,221 up from 197,566,250 at 3:30 p.m. on July 30, 2021. Canada now reports 1,436,182 cases up from 1,429,579 cases of COVID-19 on July 30. Ontario reports 551,338 cases, up from 549,952 cases on July 30, 2021. The province reports 213 (0.1%) new cases since yesterday. Of the province’s total cases, 540,258 have been resolved (98.0%) and there have been 9,374 deaths (1.7%). The province has now completed 16,530,453 tests and reports 8,669 tests are currently under investigation. More information here.

A province-by-province breakdown of Canada’s COVID-19 case count can be found here.

In Canada, 71.13% (27,124,178) of the population have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 60.31% (22,997,064) are full vaccinated. In Ontario 71.3% (10,520,689) people have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with 62.28% (9,189,535) people being fully vaccinated as of August 6, 2021.


On August 5, the Governments of Canada and Ontario invested up to $6 million in projects to help Ontario food and beverage processors improve their operations, increase their competitive edge and adapt to challenges as we move beyond the pandemic.

More information here.

On August 5, the Government of Canada issued a statement regarding the launch of consultations for modernizing the Employment Insurance program. The online survey will open on Monday, August 9, 2021, at The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized some pre-existing gaps in access, adequacy and efficiency within the EI program and the ability for the EI system to act as an economic stabilizer during economic events.  More information here.

On July 30, the Government of Canada announced the extension of crucial COVID-19 support measures for Canadians and Canadian businesses in recognition that uneven economic reopening across regions and sectors means workers and businesses continue to need support. More information here

On July 30, the Government of Canada announced a federal investment of $400 million in ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P., Canada’s largest producer of flat-rolled steel. This investment will support a $1.765-billion project to convert the steel production process and phase out coal-fired steelmaking at its facilities in Hamilton, Ontario. This project will make a significant contribution toward Canada’s achieving its climate goals, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 3 million tonnes per year by 2030. Together with the Algoma Steel project announced on July 5, 2021, the two projects will reduce GHG emissions by up to 6 million tonnes per year.  More information here.


On August 5, the Government of Ontario invested $252 million to bring high-speed internet to 60,000 rural Ontario households in southwestern Ontario. This investment is being made as part of a joint federal-provincial agreement through which the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario have partnered to support large-scale, fibre-based projects that will provide high-speed internet access to all corners of the province by 2025. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how much we rely on our internet connections, making access to fast and reliable internet service even more critical. More information here.

On August 5, the Ontario Government is investing over $2 million to provide over 90 youth in the Niagara Region with free, paid training for high-demand information technology (IT) jobs. Participants will get practical experience by assisting local businesses with their technology-based needs to help them recover by expanding online. This is part of the government’s effort to help those that have been most affected by the pandemic get connected to good local jobs so they can help build our province’s future prosperity. More information here.

On August 4, the Government of Ontario invested nearly $50 million to help festival and event organizers deliver innovative and safe experiences that allow people to safely reconnect with their communities. This one-time funding increase – more than double the annual funding provided to the festival and event sector in the past – will ensure the long-term success of the festival and event sector. More information here.

On August 3, the Government of Ontario invested $330,000 through the Ontario Together Fund to support the delivery of the Ontario Centre of Innovation’s (OCI) Ontario Innovation Showcase. The renewed Ontario Together Fund is focused on supporting homegrown manufacturing and innovation to combat COVID-19 and providing other goods critical to the health, safety, and security of Ontarians beyond this pandemic. More information here.

On July 30, the Government of Ontario announced details of its plan to revitalize Ontario Place into a world-class destination. Three successful participants from the 2019 Call for Development process Therme Group, Live Nation and Écorécréo Group will help deliver an exciting, inclusive and family friendly experience that will play a key role in the province’s post-pandemic recovery, both as a tourism destination and as a display of Ontario’s strong cultural identity. The government also outlined the next phase of consultations with stakeholders and community members. More information here.


On August 5, the City of Toronto announced that they will be engaging with the small business sector on the potential creation of a separate property tax class for small businesses in Toronto, which if implemented, could provide a measure of property tax relief for small and Main Street businesses in the city. While a small business tax class is not intended and would not be a form of COVID-19 relief, it would provide additional support for small businesses, which are key to a lively, diverse and revitalized city, especially as part of the City’s post-pandemic recovery. More information here.

On August 4, the City of Toronto opened registration for DineTOgether, part of the ShowLoveTO initiative, to support the recovery of local restaurants and celebrate Toronto’s diverse culinary scene. DineTOgether will run from Friday, September 17 to Sunday, October 3 to encourage residents to patronize local eateries through a feature menu available by takeout, delivery, patio dining and/or indoor dining. More information here.


Country Total cases August 6

 at 8:30 a.m.

Total cases July 30

 at 9:00 a.m.

Increase from previous Active Cases (Increase decrease) Cases per million Total recovered Total deaths
Global 201,898,461 197,527,898 4,370,563 15,986,218 25,902 181,627,776 4,284,467
United States 36,301,744 35,584,272 717,472 5,864,272 108,973 29,805,593 631,879
India 31,856,757 31,572,344 284,413 414,128 22,839 31,015,844 426,785
Brazil 20,066,587 19,839,369 315,277 665,554 93,677 18,840,232 560,801
Russia 6,402,564 6,242,066 160,498 518,910 43,852 5,720,353 163,301
United Kingdom 5,982,581 5,801,561 181,020 1,267,080 87,624 4,585,415 130,086
Italy 4,377,188 4,336,906 40,282 101,046 72,513 4,147,979 128,163
Spain 4,566,571 4,422,291 144,280 710,684 97,629 3,773,956 81,931
Germany 3,789,441 3,772,307 17,134 34,486 45,071 3,662,700 92,255
Iran 4,092,671 3,851,162 241,509 507,117 48,055 3,492,468 93,086
Mexico 2,922,663 2,810,097 112,566 395,959 22,411 2,283,539 243,165
Peru 2,121,067 2,108,595 12,472 N/A 63,366 N/A 196,760
Chile 1,620,389 1,613,288 7,101 8,341 83,977 1,576,242 35,806
Canada 1,436,182 1,429,579 6,603 8,963 37,691 1,400,582 26,637
Saudi Arabia 530,981 523,397 7,584 10,311 14,997 512,373 8,297
China 93,498 92,875 623 1,370 65 87,492 4,636
Australia 35,698 33,909 1,789 4,303 1,382 30,462 933

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